The Spreadc Rewards Program has two different parts: the Referral Program, and the Monthly Transaction Program. Each of these programs come with different benefits and have different requirements to be approved.

Here’s a break down of what makes up the Spreadc Rewards Program:


Each of our programs have a series of levels that come with different benefits.


Referral Program

You refer your friends to trade with us, and we will reward you when your friend trading volume reaches a certain amount. The more you refer, the more rewards you may get. Rewards are counted individually for each referee. The more you refer, the more rewards you may get. Ask your friends to join us and get your reward.


Monthly Transaction Program

When your monthly transaction volume with us reaches a certain amount, we will give you corresponding rewards according to the tiered reward system.

Every month we reward many clients up to millions of rewards. The higher the monthly transaction volume, the higher the reward!

Spreadc considers good behavior to be honest trading, sending the valid cards, not sharing cards to others and keeping the trade on Spreadc, etc.

How can I participate in the programs?

Please click the “Get Started” or “Sell Now” buttons to contact with us on WhatsApp, we will introduce the program and record your information in our system.

Can I be a part of both programs?

Yes! You can be part of both the Referral Program and the Monthly Transaction Program at the same time.

You can learn more about our rewards programs on WhatsApp.

How can I keep track of my progress?

You can track your progress on WhatsApp.


  • Please confirm your progress with us when your whatsapp contacts change.
  • Using multiple accounts to participate in the reward program will result in disqualification.
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